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Chair covesrWhen it comes to your celebration venue, the table decoration can play a major role in setting the tone and style of your event.


Centrepieces can be anything from a fishbowl with flowers to a martini vase filled with your favourite sweets, what ever your choice of centrepiece Events & Presents can create it.


Things to think about when choosing a centrepiece:-


  • Choose the correct height centrepiece for your venue, using tall centrepieces in a venue with low ceilings may make your venue look cluttered. Think about guests talking across the table, make sure the centrepiece does not obstruct your guests view.

  • Most centrepieces are left on the table throughout the reception so think about lighting to create a different atmosphere when the evening sets in.

  • A lot of people forget about the fragrance when choosing centrepieces, adding fragrant flowers or scented candles can make your event more memorable for you and your guests.

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